Live Resin D8 Snow Rocks, PHC and HHC and multiple terpene options available. Multiple Sizes.


Introducing Snow Rocks. Hand dipped in concentrate and then rolled in kief, these rocks are then finished with isolate to have a beautiful, snowy look. The smoke is even better. Choose from several different terpenes and infuse your rocks with PHC, our strongest cannabinoid or HHC. Why not try all three?

Strain: Snow Rocks

Strain Genetics: Red Runtz & HHC w/ Terpenes
Quality: Very High
Grow Method: Organic Grow
Habitat: Indoor/Greenhouse
Seeds: Minimal to None
Batch: 0191
Origin: Vermont
Aroma: Citrus and Sweet

Total Cannabinoids: 20.12%
Total CBD: 19.34%

CBD: 0.50%
CBDa: 21.49%
CBDV: 0.00%
CBG: 0.00%
CBN: 0.00%
CBC: 0.00%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.08%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

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