THCa Live Resin Asteroid

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Total cannabinoids- 18.5%
CBD- 0.05%
THCa- 58.3%
Delta 9 THC- 0.12%

Strain genetics- Blue Dream
Quality- High
Grow method- Greenhouse

Description- Beautifully grown (greenhouse) blue dream flower hand dipped in our live resin d8 terp sauce and thoroughly covered in our 98.1% THCa isolate powder.

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Introducing our premium quality THCa Live Resin Asteroid.

This is a groundbreaking product specially crafted for cannabis connoisseurs.

Having made a name as one of the most potent THCA live resin concentrates on the market, this product promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Benefits of THC-a Live Resin Asteroid

  • The THC-a Live Resin Asteroid honors the natural properties of the cannabis plant.
  • It has been carefully and scientifically processed to retain a high concentration of THCa to provide an unmatched potency.
  • This live resin THC-a thoroughly features the core essence of the cannabis plant, ensuring users get the maximum benefit from its powerful properties.

Our THCa live resin concentrate is distinctive in its production process.

The live resin refers to a method of cannabis extraction that uses fresh, frozen cannabis flowers instead of curing them first.

This results in a richer, more robust cannabis extract that more accurately represents the original plant’s profile.

Its marriage of quality and purity sets THC-a Live Resin Asteroid apart from other live resin products.

We derive our product from 100% organic THCa-rich hemp plants, ensuring a more pure product and a premium cannabinoid profile.

The blend of THC-a live resin hemp is carefully perfected for a sublime consumer experience.

Revel in the abundance of terpene-rich flavors and powerful effects that come with our THCa Live Resin Asteroid.

Let it transport you on a splendid journey, capturing the complete botanical benefits and authentic taste of high-quality hemp at its best.

Experience the next level in cannabis exploration today with our unmissable THC-a Live Resin Asteroid.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or venturing into the world of cannabis concentrates, the THC-a Live Resin Asteroid guarantees a premium experience.

Discover the potency and purity of this THCa live resin concentrate – your journey to a world of potent cannabis delight begins here.

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