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Get the Convenience and Smooth Quality You Deserve with Our Selection of Hemp Delta 8 & CBD Joints (Pre-rolls)
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If you want to support your mood and overall wellness, our hemp pre-rolls are a perfect choice.
We also put education and safety at the top of our list of values that we provide.
Our website includes detailed product descriptions, lab test results (CofA’s), and usage guides to ensure you make informed decisions about your hemp and cannabis pre-roll consumption.
Lastly, we offer several resources, such as articles and FAQs, to help you make the most out of your hemp pre-roll experience.
Get the convenience and quality you deserve with Boston Hemp’s selection of hemp pre-rolls.
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A few Common Questions about CBD Joints (Pre-Rolls)
What do CBD joints (hemp pre-rolls) feel like?
Just like many cannabis joints, joints high in CBD can come in many flavors and produce different effects.

But some of the most common feelings you can expect are calm, relaxed, and soothing overall body feelings.

It depends on the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the joint that will determine the effects you’re looking for.
What is the difference between a CBD joint and a regular joint?
The difference between a CBD joint and a regular joint is that a CBD joint will not get you high.

A typical joint is a psychoactive, high THC, whereas joints with CBD are non-psychoactive.

Are there pure CBD joints?
CBD joints are made with any variety of hemp flowers or using a single-sourced hemp flower.

Oftentimes, hemp joints are made by blending a few different hemp flowers or using a shake that is collected when trimming flowers.

Some companies will add more CBD isolate to hemp flowers, which can increase the overall intake of the CBD you are taking in.

There are also very high CBD varieties that can increase the CBD content.

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