Boston Hemp Delta-8 THC Badder Wax Concentrate – 71% Delta-8, Multiple Flavor Profiles, Multiple Sizes


Try some of our top selling D8 badder. Filled with D8 and wonderful flavor profiles, our badders will give you a nice buzz and great smoking experience. Try Mountain Mango, Blue Dream, Cantelope Haze, Grand Daddy Purp, YODA O.G, Berry White or Strawberry Diesel

Product: Delta 8 THC & CBD Badder Wax Concentrate

Strain Genetics: King Louis V
Quality: Very High
Method: Natural
Origin: Oregon
Aroma: Sweet

Total Cannabinoids: 95.85%
Total CBD: 24.20%

CBD: 24.20%
CBDa: 0.00%
CBT: 0.49%
CBG: 0.19%
Delta 8 THC: 71.16%
Delta 9 THC*
: 0.00%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%