THCa Isolate Live Resin

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Product: Iso-Live Resin

Strain used: Grandaddy Purp
Quality: High
Grow Method: Extraction

Total Cannabinoids: 98.9%
CBD: 4.66%
THCa: 87.3%
Delta 9 THC: ND

Our beloved THCa live resin blended in a 1:1 ratio with our highly potent THCa isolate

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Enjoy this ALL NEW THCa Isolate Live Resin by Boston Hemp Inc.

It’s an essential experience for the cannabis lover.

Discover the Pinnacle of Purity with THCa Isolate and Live Resin

Embark on a journey to the zenith of cannabis excellence with Boston Hemp Inc.’s THCa Iso-Live Resin, a masterpiece crafted for the connoisseur.

Harnessing the raw power and intricate flavors of premium hemp, this resin embodies the essence of potency and purity.

Each batch is meticulously derived from the finest, organically grown hemp, promising an unadulterated experience that transcends the ordinary.

Purity for a Potent Experience

Our THCa Iso-Live Resin is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

With a focus on preserving the delicate terpene profile, our state-of-the-art extraction process ensures every nuance of flavor is captured in its most vibrant form.

The result? A potent, crystal-clear concentrate that delivers an experience as close as possible to the plant’s natural state.

THCA Isolate + Live Resin Tailored for True Aficionados

Designed for those who seek the ultimate in potency and flavor, our resin is a beacon of excellence in hemp concentrates.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a discerning newcomer, THCa Iso-Live Resin offers a unique journey through its complex bouquet of aromas and robust effects.

A Symphony of Flavors

Each dab unveils layers of sophisticated flavors, a testament to the premium genetics of our carefully selected hemp strains.

From the first inhale, expect a symphony of taste that lingers, inviting you back for more.

It’s not just a product; it’s an experience tailored to elevate your senses.

Crafted With Care, Enjoyed With Passion

At Boston Hemp Inc., we believe in the artistry behind our products.

Our THCa Iso-Live Resin is more than just a concentrate; it’s a passion project born from a dedication to excellence and a deep respect for the plant.

Every batch tells a story of craftsmanship and purity, ready to be discovered by those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Step Into the Future of Hemp Concentrates

THCa Iso-Live Resin by Boston Hemp Inc. is not just an addition to your collection; it’s a milestone in the evolution of hemp and THCa concentrates.

Embark on this exquisite journey with us and redefine what you thought was possible in the realm of high-purity cannabis products.