THCa Isolate Diamonds – Multiple Sizes

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THCa isolate blended around THCa diamonds in a 1:1 ratio for maximum potency. 98%+ of THCa potency.

THCa- diamonds- 98%

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Check out our ALL NEW THCa Isolate Diamonds! This is a rare find, and not many people are doing this. But at Boston Hemp Inc. we like to be on the cutting edge and listen to our customers.

When you come to us with suggestions on what we can do to create new and innovative THCa, CBD, and Cannabinoid-based products.

This product is available in multiple sizes.

If you’re looking for THCa Isolate dusted Diamonds for your personal stash, or if you’re looking for wholesale pricing for larger orders, we’ve got you covered.

How are THCa Isolate Diamonds Made?

Using industrial hemp with a THC level of less than 0.03%, and through the extraction process, we are able to concentrate and crystalize the THCa diamonds.

Then we add the fairy dust known as the THCa isolate to the THCa diamond, making it a potent amazing cannabinoid experience.

How do I use THCa Isolate Diamonds?

Most of our customer love to put our THC-a Isolate Diamonds in their dab rig, or vaporizer. Technically you could include this product in an edible product, but often times people enjoy it more via vaping and dabbing.

Free from THC, it’s the pure, unadulterated essence of nature’s miracle.

Whether you’re blending it into your morning smoothie or crafting your own skincare products, our isolate diamonds seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, offering a subtle, yet profound shift towards wellbeing.

Each crystal carries the potential for calm, for relief, for a deeper connection with yourself.

Join a community that chooses purity, that values precision and embraces the gentle power of nature. With every use, feel closer to your best self, balanced, and rejuvenated.

This isn’t just THCa. It’s a doorway to a life in harmony, a life in balance. Welcome to your new beginning.”

Product Specifications

Total Cannabinoids: 98.38%

THCa: 99.1%