Boston Hemp Inc.: Hemp Flower Cannabinoids and COVID-19

BOSTON, 1/18/2022 – Recently, in a study done at Oregon State University, researchers found 11 significant cannabinoids that were successful in preventing the COVID-19 virus from entering healthy human cells.

So if you’re interested in Cannabinoids and COVID-19 then keep reading.

CBGA, CBDA, THCA, CBNA, CBG, CBN, Delta-8-THC, DELTA-9-THC, CBD, CBC, and CBDV are the compounds that had the most significant effects in preventing the virus from infecting healthy cells, according to the study.

The hemp plant, which carries the aforementioned cannabinoids, has been used by many as a natural alternative to medications for decades.

Hemp, which is often pressed to extract its oil for medicinal purposes, can also be smoked to absorb the same cannabinoids.

“Since the university lab research went viral, we have seen an immediate uptick in sales directly correlated to the release of the test results.” says Brandon Gadles, CEO at Boston Hemp Inc.

“I refer them to our flower section as hemp in its raw form contains almost all of the major cannabinoids from that study”.

CBD companies like Boston Hemp often pride themselves on their flower selection.

After a brief review of their website (and certificates of analysis), you will find high levels of the CBDA cannabinoid in many strains of Boston Hemp’s flower.

Most recently, the strains Red Runtz and Skywalker Haze have been added to the flower offerings and contain over 22% of CBDA.  

In such uncertain times and in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s exciting to see universities doing research like this across America.

Often, we rely so strongly on the helping hands of pharmaceuticals that we forget about the grass roots of health through natural alternatives.

Companies like Boston Hemp have thrived during unsettling times as millions of Americans have exhausted societal norms and reverted to traditional natural options, thanks to research like the study at Oregon State University.

Although inoculation procedures and pharmaceutical drugs have their role in society as a whole, this pandemic has also highlighted the imminent importance of natural plants and extracts as well. 

You can find the entire selection of hemp flower and other CBD products on Boston Hemp’s website.

Source: Boston Hemp Inc.