Boston Hemp Inc.: CBD and the NFL 

In years past, marijuana and CBD was frowned upon within professional sports. But now CBD and the NFL is massive. Learn more below.

BOSTON, 1/17/2022 – In years past, marijuana and CBD was frowned upon within professional sports.

Now, there’s been a slight paradigm shift societally, and marijuana and CBD are becoming more socially acceptable.

Specifically, CBD is now legal within the NFLPA’s new players agreement act.

This is huge news for professional football players and the CBD industry. Companies like Boston Hemp Inc. are seeing professional athletes order CBD products on a regular basis.

They even sponsor a professional arena football team, the Massachusetts Pirates, and have numerous marketing agreements with professional athletes in various sports.

CBD is used for an abundance of reasons, but athletes are most commonly using it as a natural alternative for pain relief due to its theorized anti-inflammatory properties.

Last week, we were all stunned to find out Antonio Brown was injected with a pain reliever in his ankle in order to take the field for his Sunday football game.

Actions like this from a professional medical staff leave us all wondering, could there be a better natural solution to avoid such drastic measures?

When President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill Act in 2018, it led to the legalization of not only hemp, but all its natural derivatives.

Companies like Boston Hemp are offering an array of hemp derived natural alternatives for their customer base.

Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, and HHC are just a few of cannabinoids they offer that are legally extracted from the hemp plant.

Are these cannabinoids next to be accepted in United States by professional sports leagues like the NFL? 

You can find the entire selection of hemp flower and other CBD products on Boston Hemp’s website.

Source: Boston Hemp Inc.