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Our products are discreet, easy to use, and offer precise dosing, allowing you to fully control your cannabis experience.

However, we beyond just providing quality cannabis vape products.

We also prioritize education and safety.

Our website includes detailed product descriptions, lab test results, and usage guides to ensure you make informed decisions about your cannabis and hemp product consumption.

We also offer a variety of resources, such as articles and FAQs on CBD Vapes, Live Resin Carts & THCa Vape Pen Products, to help you make the most out of your vape experience.

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CBD Vape Questions | Vapes Boston

A Few Common Questions About CBD Vape Pens and Other Vapes

How long does CBD vape stay in your body?

The effects of CBD can last about 4-6 hours depending on your metabolism and the size of your body.

As far as showing up on a test CBD can show up for a week or longer, and can tend to stick around in the tissues for up to a month or longer.

Is vaping CBD hard on the lungs?

Obviously vaping is less harsh than smoking straight hemp CBD flower, but putting anything into your lungs can have side effects.

More importantly than vaping CBD is considering the other compounds within the vape pen or cart.

So be sure to know what you are consuming and educate yourself on the harms of different carrier oils when vaped.

Is vaping CBD hard on the lungs?

As mentioned previously, putting anything into your lungs can have side effects you may not want to experience.

So vaping CBD can cause some irritation to the throat and lungs, resulting in coughing or other side effects.

What does CBD vape do?

The effects of vaping CBD varying depending on your metabolism, the source of the material, how potent it is and what terpenes might be present in the CBD oil.

Many people reach to their CBD vape pen or CBD carts looking to feel more relaxation, pain-relief, or as a sleep aid.

So find the right dosage that works for you and flavor profile that suits your fancy and go to town!

Where to buy CBD Vapes near me?

Looking for “CBD Vapes Near Me” and you’re in the Boston area get our Boston vapes. Or order online and ship directly to your doorstep.