New Tribute to Historic Subway with CBD Gummies

Transit Gummies From Boston Hempire

BOSTON, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Boston Hemp’s new line of CBD gummies is putting the iconic Boston subway system on the map in a whole new light.

Boston Hemp, a national CBD brand, rolled out a line of 5 new CBD gummies named after the subway system train lines, paying tribute to the company’s hometown.

The historic “T” is the oldest subway in the country, opening the first “Green Line” tunnels in 1897.

Now, the city’s transit system has grown to 5 major lines, connecting downtown to the surrounding suburbs and beyond.

The new CBD gummies from Boston Hemp highlights the city’s historic transit system, mirroring the subway and train lines you see today.

The 4 packs of Green Line, Blue Line, Red Line, and Orange Line gummies are apple, berry, cherry, and orange flavored, respectively.

The entire lineup is vegan, made with organic ingredients, and each gummy contains 25mg of CBD. The colorful metallic packaging also reveals details similar to that of the subway system maps seen in stations around the city.

A fifth option of gummies, the grape flavored “Night Train”, contains melatonin as well as CBD and plays off the MBTA Commuter Rail train, both sporting a purple color.

“I grew up just south of the city and have lived in Boston for the last 10 years”, says CMO, Greg Stearns.

“Like thousands of other locals, I took the commuter rail and “T” to work every day. When we created this new line of gummies, it was a great way to pay homage to our hometown”.

The company, currently headquartered just south of Boston in Hanover, is owned by 4 Massachusetts natives.

“I grew up on the south shore and we would take the red line from Braintree into Boston all the time” says CEO, Brandon Gadles.

“We’re proud of our hometown it’s a great opportunity to share the history of Boston with the nation, and soon overseas as we expand our distribution network into Europe”.

The “Transit Line” CBD gummies are available on the Boston Hemp website and through wholesale distribution directly from Boston Hemp as well as their numerous distribution partners.

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