Boston Hemp: Viewing Hemp in A New Light

BOSTON, July 15, 2021 — In 2018, the Farm Bill redefined hemp and the access to the powerful, all natural cannabinoid known as CBD, or cannabidiol.

CBD Superstore, Boston Hemp, shows that CBD can now be found in almost anything as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, assisting with anxiety, stress, pain, PTSD, and other ailments.

There are well over 100 cannabinoids making up the hemp plant. So, what about the others out there beyond CBD?

Boston Hemp explains that most recently a hemp-derived delta 8 phenomenon has started. Delta 8 is another cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that can help people unwind.

Following delta 8 to market is hemp-derived delta 10, delta 8-p, delta 8-o, and others. All these cannabinoids are considered derivatives from hemp, as long as they do not come from the marijuana plant.

When these extracts are produced from hemp, they are considered federally legal, according to the 2018 Farm Bill Act. Some of these cannabinoids can contain different relaxing or euphoric properties as well.

The main cannabinoid in marijuana that has psychoactive effects, or gets you “high”, is delta 9 THC. What separates hemp from marijuana is the level of “active THC” (also known as delta 9) found in the plant.

If the plant has a delta 9 level under 0.3%, it is considered hemp.

According to the law, anything over that level determines that the plant is marijuana, and therefor federally illegal.

The 0.3% of delta 9 found in hemp or CBD products is not enough to create a psychoactive reaction.

As these cannabinoids are extracted and implemented into new therapeutic products, we are starting to see the power of the hemp plant expand exponentially.

Boston Hempire is now offering hemp-derived Delta 8, Delta 10, Delta 8-p, and Delta 8-o, in addition to the hemp-derived CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids they have always offered.

Most customers use the products to help tackle muscle, joint, and body pains as well as an anti-anxiety/anti-stress reliever or as a sleep aid.

All these newly extracted hemp-derived cannabinoids are available online for purchase in an array of products offered by Boston Hemp and ship nationwide.

As more cannabinoids are discovered, tested, and extracted, companies like Boston Hemp will continue to offer them to the masses, sharing the power of hemp as a natural alternative to many harsh or possibly addictive drugs or prescriptions.

Source: Boston Hemp