Boston Hemp Inc.: Taking a Page from Tom Brady’s Playbook 

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With the recent news of Tom Brady retiring at the ripe age of 44 years old, it brings to light the importance of health and wellness in people of all ages.

This legend took care of himself with a meticulous diet, dedicated supplement regimen, and an extreme workout routine.

Many players and teammates around the league will attest to this being the reason for his longevity within the NFL.

Companies like Boston Hemp Incorporated are seeing an influx of older customers attempting to keep the same mindset as Brady in their daily life.

When it comes to health and wellness, CBD and hemp supplements are the newest and most talked about products on the market.

Boston Hemp customers report that they take CBD daily for muscle and joint pain as a natural alternative.

“We are seeing more and more consumers over the age of 40 shopping with us on a weekly basis” says Brandon Gadles, CEO at Boston Hemp.

“When the company first started, we would see a few older customers here and there from day to day. Now it’s popularity has grown within that age group at a rapid pace” he added.

Boston Hemp specializes in CBD and has over 100 products available on their website for purchase.

CBD comes in oils, creams, tinctures, flower, wax, and edible gummies.

Each customer has their own specific health goals, and the diverse selection of CBD options offers something for customers of all ages.

As a Boston based company, we have watched Tom throughout his long, profound career of over 20 years.

His health has been of the upmost importance, especially after the age of 40.

We all can take a page from his playbook and focus on healthy, natural foods and products that we consume every day.