Boston Hemp Inc. Massive Milestone Amid Cannabinoid Supply Chain Crisis

Boston Hemp is continuing to grow during the current devastating cannabinoid supply chain crisis and global pandemic. How are they managing to do so?

The answer is very simple and should be examined by corporations throughout the United States.

Every product Boston Hemp sells is grown and/or manufactured domestically within the United States and processed/packaged inside the borders as well.

Boston Hemp solely uses American businesses for ALL day-to-day materials and operational procedures.

This includes everything from the employees, farming, packing, shipping, and customer service.

Cannabinoid Supply Chain Crisis

These simple steps negate any reliance on the foreign supply chain and their issues, allowing the company to process all orders within 24 hours, many shipping out the same day.

Based on the company’s massive growth and rave reviews, this has led to an extremely satisfied customer base during the holidays.

As more supply issues arise going into 2022, corporations around the country need to start taking similar steps to ensure they don’t become plagued by delays, shortages, and skyrocketing prices.

Being made in America has never been more important to keep customers happy.

Boston Hemp’s full lineup of American made products can be found at

You can also take 25% OFF most of their retail products with code “AMERICA”. Orders before noon EST ship the same day, Monday through Friday.

Note: Some exclusions do apply to their discount codes. Full details are available of their website.