Boston Hemp Inc. Announces the Release of Pumpkin Spice Concentrates

NEW Pumpkin Spice THC Concentrates for Sale Online

Boston, 8/16/2022 – /PRNEWSWIRE/ Boston Hemp Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of this fall’s biggest hit, Pumpkin Spice Concentrates.

By launching seasonal concentrates Boston Hemp Inc. becomes the first hemp dispensary in the country to offer Delta-8 THC, HHC and THC-O products filled with the delightful fall flavor profiles of cinnamon, cardamom and pumpkin. The new products will be released to the public September 1, 2022. 

Concentrates have become popular with the hemp crowd who heat the wax and then inhale the vapors and smoke.

By doing so a nice body high and a euphoric feeling are had by the user. This process is known as dabbing. 

Boston Hemp Inc.’s collection of concentrates or waxes are known to be the best in the hemp market.

They are always striving to offer the best and most potent products on the market.

With the unique offering of pumpkin spice concentrates Boston Hemp Inc. continues their tradition of innovation.

Boston Hemp Inc. is the nation’s premier hemp dispensary.

They offer a collection of premium products including flower, concentrates, edibles and vapes. They offer their products for sale on-line at They ship nationwide and all over the world.

Their products are also available at their retail location and corporate headquarters in Hanover, Massachusetts.

For retail inquiries please contact Kevin Coyle at [email protected] or by way of cell at 508-846-6628.

Source: Boston Hemp Inc.