Boston Hemp changing the hemp industry for the better

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The world of hemp and CBD has many new or fly-by-night hemp companies throughout the nation.

What separates Boston Hemp Inc. from its competitors within the hemp industry?

There are 3 major factors that solidify the company as a quality establishment with stringent, higher standards.

CEO of Boston Hemp, Brandon Gadles, talked about how comprehensive and rigorous the inspection process is.

Every hemp product the company offers to their customer base is grown and tested in the United States.

The Boston Hemp Massachusetts headquarters is close to the hemp farms located in Vermont.

Being so close, the well-established network helps avoid any supply chain delays that many companies are currently plagued by.

Boston Hemp provides lab reports for each and every product and all items are 100% insured by Cannabis Insurance Business.

CIB is one of the largest cannabis insurance companies in America and proudly insures Boston Hemp Inc, and their customers, to the fullest extent.

Very few hemp companies go the extra mile to be backed by an insurance program like this.

“In a largely unregulated hemp industry, we were amazed at Boston Hemp’s meticulous process to provide a healthy and safe product to its consumers” says Andrew S., an industry specialist.

Boston Hemp sells a wide array of hemp derived Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, Delta-O THC, HHC (hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol), and numerous other lab tested and insured products.

The locally grown, lab tested, and fully insured products puts Boston Hemp in the elite group of trustworthy CBD companies.

The company is one of the largest retailers and wholesale distributors of hemp and CBD products in the world. The full lineup can be found at