THCa vs Delta 8: What are the Differences – A Comprehensive Guide

by tyler

THCA vs Delta 8 A Comprehensive Guide & Common Questions

In my journey through the dynamic realm of cannabinoids, specifically THCa vs Delta 8, I’ve discovered fascinating contrasts and a plethora of choices. As a cannabinoid connoisseur, I’ve learned that understanding the difference between THCa and Delta 8 is crucial for those navigating the complexities of the cannabis world. The emerging online THCA industry has made it possible for individuals to purchase …

THCa Iso-Live Resin

by bwg

Product: Iso-Live Resin

Strain used: Grandaddy Purp
Quality: High
Grow Method: Extraction

Total Cannabinoids: 98.9%
CBD: 4.66%
THCa: 87.3%
Delta 9 THC: ND

Our beloved THCa live resin blended in a 1:1 ratio with our highly potent THCa isolate

What is THCA Hemp Flower: Benefits, Uses, and Legal Status

by tyler

What is THCA Hemp Flower_ Benefits, Uses, and Legal Status

Hey there, Kevin here with Boston Hemp Inc., and today, I want to introduce you to the fascinating world of THCA hemp flower. If you’re curious about the benefits, uses, and legal status of this unique hemp product, you’ve come to the right place. THCA hemp flower is a type of hemp bud that contains high levels of THCA, or …

THCa Live Resin Diamond Sauce

by bwg

Product: THCa Live Resin Diamond Sauce

Quality: Very High
Grow Method: Extraction

Total cannabinoids– 98.1%
CBD– 4.62%
THCa– 86.9%
Delta 9 THC– 0.07%

A 1:1 ratio blend of our THCa live resin mixed evenly with our classic THCa diamond.

Illuminati Exotic THCa Flower – Multiple Sizes Available

by bwg

Illuminati Exotic THCa Flower for Sale Online

Strain: Illuminati

Indica Dominant

Total cannabinoids- 23.8%
THCa- 25.2%
Delta 9 THC- 0.14%

Strain genetics: Illuminati O.G
Quality: dispensary grade
Grow method: Indoor living soil
Aroma: earthy herbal pine with spicy sweet undertones

19 Things Your Need to Know About THCA Infographic

by Kevin Coyle

THCa Definition

This is an infographic on 19 Things You Need To Know About THCA. It provides a brief overview of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), a non-psychoactive precursor of THC found in cannabis. It covers everything from the basic definition and difference between THCA and THC to its health benefits, therapeutic uses, and legal status. The document also briefly covers the scientific aspects …

THCa Live Resin Asteroid

by bwg

THCA Live Resin Asteroid for sale online

Total cannabinoids- 18.5%
CBD- 0.05%
THCa- 58.3%
Delta 9 THC- 0.12%

Strain genetics- Blue Dream
Quality- High
Grow method- Greenhouse

Description- Beautifully grown (greenhouse) blue dream flower hand dipped in our live resin d8 terp sauce and thoroughly covered in our 98.1% THCa isolate powder.

THCa Live Resin

by bwg

Buy THCa Live Resin Online Today!

Product: THCa Live Resin

Quality: Extremely High
Grow Method: Extraction

Total cannabinoids: 97.9%
CBD: 4.62%
THCa: 75.5%
Delta 9 THC: 0.07%

Top 7 Most Popular THCa Strains of Cannabis Hemp Flower

by Kevin Coyle

7 Best High THCa Strains of Hemp Flower

We’ve covered some other crucial topics within this post, but if you want to jump right to the best high THCa hemp flower strains, click here. First, I want to share a few things about THCa flower and some other resources we’ve created for you. What is THCa and Its Significance in Hemp Flower? In this post here, we dive …

Boston Hemp Ghost OG Exotic THCa Flower – Multiple Sizes Available

by bwg

Strain: Ghost OG

Indica Leaning Hybrid

Total cannabinoids- 27.33%
THCa- 26.2%
Delta 9 THC- 0.14%

Strain genetics- Chemdawg × Lemon Thai × Hindu
Quality- Exotic High End
Grow method- Indoor Soil (small batch)
Aroma- Citrus with pine undertones