THCa Diamond Crumble

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THCa diamonds hand rolled in our potent crumble at a 1:1 ratio

THCa- diamonds- 98%
Crumble- 37%



Enjoy these lovely THCa diamonds hand rolled in our potent crumble at a 1:1 ratio.

On this page you’ll be able to get THCa Crumble at awesome prices, and you can even order THCa crumble bulk style.

What is THCa Diamond Crumble or Crumble Diamonds and How is it Made?

THCa Diamond is a concentrated form of THCa crystals that is first cold extracted into a live resin and then just like real diamonds in nature using pressure resin forms into cannabinoid-rich crystals.

THCa Crumble is also a concentrate that can tend to be a waxy crumbly, almost cheese-like texture.

It’s also referred to as wax crumble or dab crumble and when we blend it with the THCa diamonds, it creates a product that will make you feel… well… rich and gooey inside. In a really good way.

What are the side effects of THCA Diamond Crumble?

Since this product is extra super potent (yea extra-super) you’re going to want to be very gingerly with it and take it slow.
To be more specific, if you do end up over-doing it with this material it could very likely floor you.
So if you’re ready for coach-lock and don’t have anywhere to be for the next 8 hours, dive in and enjoy.
But if you just want a to experience the benefits that THCa Diamond Crumble has to offer, start out with a tiny bit, and see how you feel. Then go deeper if you’re feeling it.

How to Use THCA Diamond Crumble?

This crystalline waxy goodness is typically consumed in a dab rig, but you could certainly vape it or even crumble some into a joint. But to really get the most flavor and effects dabbing is the way to go. A little dab’ll do ya, as they say.

THCa- Diamonds – 98%
Crumble – 37%

Where to Buy Bulk THCA Diamond Crumble?

The product on this page is a unique THCa Diamonds Crumble, but if you’re looking for this in bulk or bulk THCa diamonds reach out to our wholesale team and we will get you set up with the best products on the market.

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