What is Delta 8 THC?

What is Delta-8 THC

In the broad world of cannabinoids, there’s a newly researched cannabinoid sparking both talk and debate that I’ve been experiencing recently – so what is delta 8 thc? Have you ever been exposed to delta-8? Cause I’d also love to hear your feedback and experience. Or maybe you’d had unintentional exposure to delta-8 thc – and didn’t even know it. …

Boston Hemp Delta 8 THC Wax/Dabs – 77% Delta 8, Multiple Sizes

Buy Boston Hemp Delta 8 THC Wax

Product: Delta 8 Wax/Dabs

Quality: Very High
Habitat: N/A
Origin: Colorado
Flavor: Unflavored
Aroma: Fruit
Size: 2 gram silicone jars & 10 gram glass or silicone jars

Total Cannabinoids: 79/37%
Total CBD: 0.00
CBD: 0.00%
CBDa: 0.00%
CBG: 0.00%
CBN: 0.46%
CBC: 0.00%
Delta 8 THC: 76.96%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.0%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%


THCa vs Delta 8: What are the Differences – A Comprehensive Guide

THCA vs Delta 8 A Comprehensive Guide & Common Questions

In my journey through the dynamic realm of cannabinoids, specifically THCa vs Delta 8, I’ve discovered fascinating contrasts and a plethora of choices. As a cannabinoid connoisseur, I’ve learned that understanding the difference between THCa and Delta 8 is crucial for those navigating the complexities of the cannabis world. The emerging online THCA industry has made it possible for individuals to purchase …

Boston Hemp Strawberry Peach 100mg Delta 8 Gummies – Multiple Sizes

Product: Luxe Strawberry Peach 100mg Delta-8 THC Gummies.

Details: These luxe gummies come in a variety of size options and have a potency of 100mg per gummy. All of the cannabinoids are hemp derived and meet the federal hemp regulations of <0.3% of Delta-9 THC. Serving size suggestions are 1/4 gummy, depending on tolerance. 10-12mg of hemp derived THC is a suggested serving size for most customers, but talk with your doctor before use.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, cane sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, hemp extract, natural flavors, hemp derived distillate. (Gluten Free, Vegan)

Warning: Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women. If taking medication, consult physician before use. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in cool, dry place.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Delta 8 Badder Wax Concentrate – 71% Delta-8 THC, Multiple Flavors, Multiple Sizes

Boston Hemp Delta 8 Badder Wax Multiple Flavors for Sale

Try some of our top selling Delta 8 Badder. Filled with D8 and wonderful flavor profiles, our badders will give you a nice buzz and great smoking experience. Try Mountain Mango, Blue Dream, Cantelope Haze, Grand Daddy Purp, YODA O.G, Berry White or Strawberry Diesel

Product: Delta 8 THC & CBD Badder Wax Concentrate

Strain Genetics: King Louis V
Quality: Very High
Method: Natural
Origin: Oregon
Aroma: Sweet

Total Cannabinoids: 95.85%
Total CBD: 24.20%

CBD: 24.20%
CBDa: 0.00%
CBT: 0.49%
CBG: 0.19%
Delta 8 THC: 71.16%
Delta 9 THC*
: 0.00%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%


Delta 8 Hash THC Live Resin – Made Your Way, Added Terpene Options


Product: CBD and Delta-8 THC Live resin Hash – Made Your Way with optional Terpenes.

Strain Genetics: Kush & Ceiba

Base Total Cannabinoids: 27.58%
Total CBD: 21.77%

CBD: 5.42%
CBDa: 18.64%
CBC: 0.43%
Delta 8 THC:
Delta 9 THC*: 0.29%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

Details: Our high quality Live resin hash is made with Delta-8 Distillate and Alien Kush CBD Kief. You can customize your hash by adding a variety of rotating Terpene flavors. Select any additional options below to add to the CBD/Delta-8 THC Live resin Hash.


Best Wholesale Delta 8 and HHC: Boston Hemp Inc. 

Boston Hemp Best Delta 8 and HHC wholesale and distributor

With the legalization of hemp, an abundance of extracted cannabinoids have been sweeping across the country and filling retail shelves throughout America. Boston Hemp Inc is the largest wholesale distributor of hemp derived wholesale Delta 8 THC and HHC (hexahydrocannabinol). Both compounds are psychoactive cannabinoids that customers are using for an array of ailments. Although the FDA has not approved …

Boston Hempire Explains: What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC release

BOSTON, February 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Convenience stores, health food stores, smoke shops, and gas stations. Everywhere you look Delta 8 is popping up in your local community. So, what is Delta 8 THC exactly? New England wholesaler and distributor, Boston Hemp, helps shed some light on what this new wave of hemp products are all about. Delta 8 THC …

Delta-8 Vape Cartridges. 1 gram each. Multiple flavor options available

D8 Vape Cartridges for Sale

Enjoy the puff with our newest cartridges. Flavors include Cherry Bomb, Golden Kush, Blue Genius, Maui Wowie, Black Jack and Orange Cough.

Product: Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges

Quality: Very High
Batch: HDI8R2-220718
Matrix: Concentrates & Extracts
Type: Distillate
Size: 1 units

Total Cannabinoids: 87.897%
Total THC-O: 0.00%

CBD: 0.00%
CBDa: 0.00%
CBG: 0.00%
CBN: 0.00%
CBC: 0.00%
Delta 8 THC: 87.897%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.00%
*Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%