PHC Disposable Vape Pen (Single)


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Get your favorite PHC Disposable Vape Pen from Boston Hemp Inc delivered right to your door!
If you want top-quality PHC that gets results, then you’ll love our PHC Vape Pen!

What is PHC in a vape?

PHC is not a commonly known cannabinoid, but it has a lot of the same effects as THC.

The great thing is that it can be extracted from industrial hemp making it totally legal to consume.

HC is also known as Hydrox4phc and affects the body similarly to THC, as far as the effects it has on the body and brain.

What are the benefits of our PHC Disposable Vape?

One of the main benefits of PHC is that it affects the body in a very similar way to THC, only it’s totally legal.

As far as physical benefits, it definitely has some psychotropic effects that help with relaxation, and creativity and has been known to help relieve discomfort in the body.

PHC is a great way to get the benefits of THC, especially when consumed in a vape pen like this one.