All Boston Hemp CBD Flower Smalls – Made Your Way, 1oz


Product: A Variety of CBD Flower Smalls, Made Your Way with Optional HHC, THC-O, and Delta-8 THC Added

Details: We offer a selection of hemp flower small buds that can be customized just for you. The 1oz bags of CBD flower can have 3 different cannabinoids added, if you wish. We also offer these options with concentrate coated flower in the form of Moon Rock Smalls (small buds coated in CBD Kief), Snow Cone Smalls (small buds coated in pure CBD Isolate), and Asteroid Smalls (small buds coated in CBD Kief and CBD Isolate). Leaving all 3 options below as “NO” will keep the flower just CBD based (only trace amounts of THC naturally found in the flower).


First, select a choice of flower or concentrate coated flower. Then select any additional cannabinoids you would like to have added to your flower. We will then make your customized flower “Your Way”!